Winning Lord West (Dashing Widows, Book 3)

October 31, 2020
Winning Lord West  (Dashing Widows, Book 3)

All rakes are the same!Except when they're not...Spirited Helena, Countess of Crewe, knowsall about profligate rakes; she was married to one for nine yearsand still bears the scars. Now this Dashing Widow plans a life ofglorious freedom where she does just what she wishes – and nobodywill ever hurt her again. So what is she to do when that handsomescoundrel Lord West sets out to make her his wife? Say no, ofcourse. Which is fine, until West focuses all his sensual skills onchanging her mind. And West's sensual skills are renowned far andwide as utterly irresistible...Passionate persuasion!Vernon Grange, Lord West, has long been estranged from hisheadstrong first love, Helena Nash, but he's always regretted thathe didn't step in to prevent her disastrous marriage. Now Helena isfree, and this time, come hell or high water, West won't let herescape him again. His weapon of choice is seduction, and in thisparticular game, he's an acknowledged master. Now that he andHelena are under one roof at the year's most glamorous house party,he intends to counter her every argument with breathtakingpleasure. Could it be that Lady Crewe's dashing days arenumbered?