Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators

November 1, 2020
Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators changes have occurred in the twenty-five years that havepassed since the enactment of the Money Laundering Control Act of1986. The law has been amended, new underlying crimes have beenadded, and court decisions have modified its scope. The Act remainsan important tool in combating criminal activity. Now in its thirdedition, Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigatorscovers the basics of finding ill-gotten gains, linking them to thecriminal, and seizing them. Providing a clear understanding ofmoney laundering practices, it explains the investigative andlegislative processes that are essential in detecting andcircumventing this illegal and dangerous activity.Highlights of the Third Edition includeImportant court decisions and changes in federal law since the Second EditionNew trends in crime and terrorism financingThe rise of money laundering in connecting with major frauds, including the Bernie Madoff caseLaw and policy shifts related to terrorism and financing since the Obama administrationNew methods for financial intelligence and the filing of Suspicious Activity ReportsHow changes in technology have enabled launderers to move funds more easily and anonymouslyKnowledge of the techniques used to investigate these cases anda full understanding of the laws and regulations that serve as thegovernment’s weapons in this fight are essential for the criminalinvestigator. This volume arms those tasked with finding andtracing illegal proceeds with this critical knowledge, enablingthem to thwart illegal profiteering by finding the paper trail.