Hand Is My Sword: A Karate Handbook

May 4, 2021
Hand Is My Sword: A  Karate Handbook

Karate means "empty–hand," but the one who masters thisbook will never be empty–handed.In fact, he will be a master of the ultimate in self–defense,for here are the martial arts fundamentals, the basic katas andtechniques as taught by Robert Trias, holder of the eighth degreeBlack Belt.These movements and techniques are vividly brought to life bymore than six hundred striking illustrations, many of thempicturing Master Trias and his aides and pupils. Along with theimposing illustrations are important charts not usually found inmartial arts books of this kind. The charts show the fatal anddisabling points of the body and the nerve centers–for karate canbe a deadly game, and those who practice it must know well thesignificance of the term "killer karate."For student and instructor alike, this important manual willopen new dimensions, new horizons, and in the give–and–take of lifewill teach the properly oriented how to give much more than hetakes. It will give him a new interest, a new zest for living, withthe confidence that he can move mountains. Above all, it will teachhim that to master others, he must first learn to masterhimself.