"Then Tress Said to Troy. . .": The Best Ohio State Football Stories Ever Told (Best Sports Stories Ever Told)

November 28, 2020

Here is your chance to go inside the huddle of the Ohio StateBuckeyes, into their locker room and onto the sidelines, yourchance to join your favorite players on the team plane, and at theteam hotel. Go behind the scenes and peek into the private world ofthe players, coaches and decision makers, eavesdropping on theirpersonal conversations. Read why Buckeyes and U.S. Presidents havemixed and mingled often through the years, often with humorousresults, and how Woody Hayes always had to pick the team movie thenight before each game. Speaking of the larger-than-lifepersonality of Woody, you'll read why there was nobody better atscolding and molding his players on the field, and nobody better attaking care of them and their families off of it. You'll find outhow Jim Tressel got the job at Ohio State he had been hoping for,and how he made the most of it, winning a national championship inhis second year. You'll have a front row seat for the times whenthe memories were made and hear some of the great stories from thehistory of Ohio State football. "Then Tress Said toTroy..." is the book written for every sports fan who followsthe Buckeyes. Don't be left out of the loop. Get the first handaccounts from true team insiders. No more rumors or second hand "hesaid, she said". Relive the highlights. Be there for thecelebrations. Find out just how it really happened in "ThenTress Said to Troy..."